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Despite the superior forces against them, the Kage are able to combine forces against the original Madara, impressing him enough to use Susanoo's "Complete Body" form. Once they locate Naruto and B, the Raikage blocks their progress and tries to convince them to return to the Island Turtle. Tsunade sends most of Konoha's forces to fight these warriors. She reflects further that all the past Hokage have wasted their lives for the village and concludes that only a fool would ever want the title. The transformation dispels when she runs out of chakra, reverting her to her natural appearance. Having few options left, Tsunade decides that the ship must be destroyed before Iwa is forced to intervene. Orochimaru departs, leaving Tsunade to finish healing the Kage. Tsunade continues to carry out all the responsibilities until he's ready, but also pressures Kakashi to make a decision. The Raikage is not openly convinced by Tsunade's, B's, or Naruto's words and appears willing to fight, but when Naruto is finally able to get past him the Raikage doesn't pursue.

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The repeated loss of her loved ones caused Tsunade to later abandon the life of a shinobi for many years. She is blunt and short-tempered, prone to striking Naruto for his immaturity or Jiraiya for his perversion; she is widely feared because of this tendency. She later loses contact with the Anbu and the Three-Tails disappears, leading Tsunade to suspect Akatsuki's involvement.

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In the anime, after the meeting with the other heads of the Alliance she requested that B teach Naruto to achieve control over the Nine-Tails in the event that they would have to be deployed, which A approved. Sila menonton video lucah Camp cooch video jangka masa 9 minit, muat turun video lucah Camp cooch video. The investigations into Pain's identity continue, but none are not completed prior to Pain's assault on Konoha. Tsunade is aware that they'll need backup and starts looking for candidates; she has Sakura tell Naruto that, if he would like to go, he'll first need to complete the new jutsu he's been working on.

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When Tsunade can't offer her any specific advice, Sakura asks that Tsunade bet against her love life, hoping for Tsunade's bad luck to play in her favour. After Jiraiya framed the two for his discovered peeping, but Tsunade arrived and resolved the situation. Tsunade asks what he would do if his arms were restored. The Alliance's other leaders have already decided to send them into seclusion, which Tsunade strongly disagrees with, believing they would be invaluable on the battlefield.

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She becomes especially critical of wanting to be Hokage, as both Dan and Nawaki died trying to attain the title and the past Hokage have all died prematurely and, as Tsunade argues, pointlessly because they held the position; she concludes that to be Hokage is a fool's job. She then delivers a sequence of punches to Orochimaru's face, forcing him to escape with Kabuto; before he leaves, he warns that he has other ways of fixing his arms. Because Sai was injured during the investigation, the Fire Temple allows Sora to fill in for him; Tsunade receives a confidential message that Sora's past and unusual powers pose a risk to the Fire Temple. Having already suspected that a team of genin wouldn't be enough, she requests Sunagakure 's support so that Orochimaru, a mutual enemy of both villages, can't gain Sasuke's Sharingan. Tsunade is aware that they'll need backup and starts looking for candidates; she has Sakura tell Naruto that, if he would like to go, he'll first need to complete the new jutsu he's been working on. Jiraiya wasn't discouraged by this and claimed that her repeated rejections had not only made him stronger, but they've been excellent material for his Icha Icha series of books. Jiraiya guesses that Orochimaru made some offer to Tsunade. As Katsuyu's divisions spread throughout the village, Tsunade starts to fully appreciate the extent of the damage that Pain's attack is doing. Orochimaru's assistant, Kabuto Yakushi , explains that they've tried all other options and that only Tsunade can help. Naruto, using shadow clones , does indeed help defeat the Zetsu Army, finding those that are disguised, defeating those that aren't, and helping capture any remaining reincarnated forces.

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Tsunade is upset by the continued use of her grandfather's abilities and what else Tobi may have used them for, but believes Naruto may be able to root out Zetsus that have infiltrated the Allied Forces. Tsunade easily outmatches Naruto using only one finger for offence and defence, but she's unsettled by how similar his resolve is to Nawaki and Dan's. Because the mission has the chance of meeting Sasuke, Tsunade tries to keep Naruto from finding out about it.

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Tsunade keeps tabs on Naruto as he trains, but by the end of the week he has failed to master the Rasengan and the intense training leaves him bedridden. Start a Wiki. Tsunade decides to send Team 7 to lend assistance in the Kazekage's rescue in full awareness that Akatsuki wants to capture Naruto too.


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