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Itulah tsunade.. Contents [ show ]. Like I keep saying, when it comes to a battle between them, Kakashi is more tactically adept and can form plans on the spot. After Tsunade steps down as Hokage and Kakashi succeeds the position, Shizune continues to work as the Hokage's assistant. Well no shit he's the damn Raikage lol. Meanwhile the parents, in a stellar display of reasoning, bring along a sad-drunk Orochimaru and a suffering thirteen year old Kakashi - both of which are confused at what they've become. Bisecting Tsunade isn't gonna happen since she isn't dumb enough to just let that happen.

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Use earth style to become undetectable underground and ambush her while clones provide distraction. Bahkan sperma milik guy sensei dan kakashi sensei membasahi perut juga muka tsunade karna banyaknya volume sperma yang keluar. Persetubuhan mereka membuatku secara tak sadar mengelus selangkanganku sendiri dan membuat penisku terbangun. Or do you think she would be useful against Madara's damn susanoo?

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You know, the same guy who is hilariously faster than Tsunade? He stops and pats her shoulder. He had no reason to suspect that Kakuzu will suddenly sprang back to life.

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Being able to keep up with raikage Movements sasuke couldn't track this one with sharingan And follow him with her eyes when he was going at it with naruto and do attacks with him against madara, plus She dipped down upon him. He smiles. And if she reforms then it's kamui gg for her.

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Topik Terkait Naruto anime manga Boruto. Tsunade's also one of if not the best in medical ninjutsu and managed to stagger Madara and fight evenly against 5 Susanoo clones while being bisected by 2 swords through her body, her regen, resistance and pain tolerance are on another level due to being a Senju. And the Uzumaki weren't so much wiped out as the adults were and the kids kidnapped. The same Madara who was weakened by being Edo and who was literally prolonging the fight for the sake of his own entertainment? Feeling the motions of a excited man. Anger of defacing her was in that hand. She looks up he is slowly sliding towards the door. Not in naruto, slow people don't watch fast battles, in the chunin exam, Dosu, Kin,, sakura couldn't see what happened when zaku tried blasting Sasuke with his attacks, Sasuke went behind him and broke both his hands they only saw sasuke break his hands. So independent.

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Category : Characters. I'm curious what kind of mental gymnastics you'll bring to justify her pathetic performance. Kid tsunade scales in speed to ms sasuke tier and some how, kid kakashi is faster than adult tsunade to you.

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Tsunade has never ceased loving Dan, even decades after his death, as she continued to reject her long-time comrade Jiraiya 's advances, and never involving herself with any romantic relationships with another man. Kakashi is in for a beating when Sakura and Tsunade find out that was the man Sakura wanted; it's also Tsunade's. Well no shit he's the damn Raikage lol.

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