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She is pretty and she is smart. The hottest images and pictures of Mei Terumi are truly epic. Underneath it, she wears a mesh armor that covers a bit more of her upper body than her dress. Obviously, you might not agree with our list, but overall you will get an idea about the strongest ninjas. She is the elder sister of Gaara and Kongkuro. Get help. The fact that she is on this list is because she is undoubtedly one of the sexiest characters in Konoha. Leave a comment Cancel reply. All Rights Reserved hokagestore. There are several strong Ninjas in the entire series.

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The television anime series premiered in Japan on October But later in the series, when he entered the hidden rain village we came to know that Konan is now known as the Goddess. It appears to be zipped at the front, and is kept open on the front right side from the waist down. And of course, in the 1st position of our list, we have the 5th Mizukage.

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At number 8 we have Sakura Haruno who is the member of team 7 or team Kakashi. Underneath it, she wears a mesh armor that covers a bit more of her upper body than her dress. First of all, let us clarify just one thing. From the very beginning of her entry, despite being old, she took all of the attention of most of the men watching the show.

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She also wears a skirt that has the same color as her dress and a belt with a pouch attached to the back on the left side with high- heeled sandals, shin-guards that reach up over her knees, dark blue nail polish on her fingers and toes. Her power compelled Sasuke Uchiha into a corner and injured him even though he used Susanoo. Two of the bangs are short, and one covers her right eye, while the other two cross each other on her chest, just below her chin.

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She might not be as strong as the others shinobis in the list but when it comes down to being sexy Ino is second to no one in her generation. Living through the dark days of the Village of the Bloody Mist, she had battled while drenched in the blood of others and also her own, for the good of the village. The Byakugan princess is undoubtedly one of the sexiest characters in the entire series. First of all, let us clarify just one thing. She is strong, she is very very strong. May 29, Yes, of course in a perverted way.

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Stay up to date. Do you remember the time when Killer Bee first mate lady Tsunade? Forgot your password? Here are the 20 top strongest Naruto characters from the series.

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Aside from the fact that she was sexy, she was hella strong as shinobi to she almost took out Tobi by surprise attack. The below video features English narration. Are you agree or not? The video reveals that the anime will open in theaters on February 1,

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