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As they fight, the two use their Rasengan, prompting Boruto to comment on there being another user of the technique. Boruto was furious at this, seeing his father leave at the slightest notices. Taking complete control of Boruto's body, Momoshiki obliterated Boro with a gigantic Rasengan. After the transformed intruder that had infiltrated the compound and was killing medics had been uncovered by Sakura, the whole compound was locked down and strict orders given that no-one should go near Shizune nor enter without their identities being confirmed by HQ. Main article: One-Tail Escort Arc In the anime, as everyone had time off from missions, Boruto's family was preparing to go on a camping trip with Hinata's side of the family. While her attire is essentially the same, her kimino is more loosely open, showing her cleavage, and has a long slit on the right-side of her kimino, reaching her hip. Recalling that Naruto didn't turn up for his birthday party, he headed to the Ninjutsu Research Centre where Katasuke gave him a late birthday present. He was stopped by Naruto, who ordered Boruto to clean up the graffiti, which Boruto suggested they do together.

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After Sasuke slipped away to keep his distance, Naruto brought Boruto to his house, during which Boruto noted the resemblance between his father's young and current-self. Later, a masked attacker managed to capture Tomaru. When arriving in the past, Boruto wore a red vest, gray long sleeve, and long shorts as a disguise. Realising that the children were conducting their own investigation on the attacks, the Hokage decided to show them what became of people who were possessed by the Ghost for prolonged periods, requiring intensive care from near-complete chakra depletion.

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Unable to defeat the demon, Remon sealed it in herself at the cost of her memories. That night, Boruto received a custom shuriken as a present from Naruto and the two decided to train together for the remainder of the evening. Upon barely defeating Iwabee within the rules he set in place, his classmates view Boruto differently then they did initially. He soon met Iwabee, who views Boruto negatively.

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Later, while Wasabi treated his wounds, Boruto voiced his dismay at Kakashi's words. March 15, at am. Boruto's team then receive a call from the Seventh Hokage, noting that Konohamaru and his partner Mugino went missing during a mission nearby, and tasked them with searching for the pair.

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Rather than continue the argument, Boruto reminded Naruto that it was Himawari's birthday and warned him not to forget it before storming out. After engaging the snake again, Boruto became connected with Garaga's mental plane, during which Garaga said he wished to see Boruto hopes be crushed. Despite the plan failing, Kakashi passed everyone, noting that they succeeded in the true goal of the test: team-work and loyalty. Shizune also has the tendency to pin her hair up when working; a trait also shared by Sakura. Mail will not be published Required. Shizune is always level-headed, practical and a rational thinker. On the outside, Boruto and the others were attacked by Mujin second-in-command , Tsukiyo.

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For example, he displayed Naruto's mischievous habits to get attention and Sasuke's desire for power even by using shortcuts. Boruto refused to kill his friend, prompting Mitsuki to restrain him with a snake clone, which he defeats after Mitsuki leaves. After Koji becomes interested from the revelation, he retreated. While later reporting the bear's successful capture to Naruto, Boruto brags that he could have completed the mission on his own.

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When they did, they discovered he was facing a damaged puppet. The task proved very difficult as Boruto's lingering fear of Naruto from the recent attack made it impossible for him to synchronise with his future father. Shizune is always level-headed, practical and a rational thinker.

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