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Mirajane Seilah. First story ever written so criticism is highly needed. Lucy, Gray, Happy and Carla being sucked in by Anima. Sign In Don't have an account? It was standing tall and ready for action. Lucy and Cana chased by monsters during the second test. Natsu felt his spine tingle and the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end when she looked at him with those big blue eyes. Eclipse Celestial Spirit King. Lucy became an owner of Scorpio, Aries and Gemini.

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Lucy, Gray, Happy and Carla being sucked in by Anima. Lucy's surprise when Virgo appears when she summoned Loke. Mira peered into his onyx to see if he was lying and she couldn't find anything that proved he was.

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Mirajane and others attacked by the Eclipse Spirit King. Chapter 7 8. The moans were also louder.

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Mira using the Light Pen. Forgive Happy if he didn't want his best friend to die before his time. Kardia Daiseidou.

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Foto tante seksy. This Sexy, hot anime and characters photo contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

She was so close she could feel the knot in her stomach was about to unwind but when she heard a thud and a pained groan she stopped what she was doing to look around to find the culprit. It was one of the many things that she admired about him along with his determination to help his friends and the way he is able to shine a light in even the darkest of moments. But even she knew that he wasn't completely unaffected by the female body. Aside from her self-centeredness, Lucy Heartfilia is a very bright, humble and authentically hospitable girl. Getting up on her tip toes to make up for their height difference, and intentionally dragging her nipples up his torso to tempt him even more, she leaned forward with her lips grazing against Natsu's earlobe. Categories :. Happy and Natsu uninvited sleepover at Lucy's place. Password recovery. Though, Lucy Heartfilia can always be seen with a belt, which holds her skirt up, in addition to a whip that has a heart-shaped end as well as several of her Celestial Spirit Keys.

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Mirajane Seilah. At first she wanted to skin the Salamander for seeing her little sister in such a way but when she heard from Lisanna that he was a true gentleman and never tried to sneak a peek besides the three instances when he looked back at her naked form when trying to comfort her or free them Mira knew then that Natsu wasn't the kind to take advantage of a girl in such a vulnerable state. Sign In Don't have an account? Without having mastered the anti-gravity lean that so many have tried before him, he felled through the door and onto the hardwood floor face first.

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She even heard from Lisanna how flustered Natsu got when he saw her naked when they were locked up in a Tartarus cell. Elfman and Fairy Tail after the fight with Bacchus. Please, please, please don't kill me! Natsu accidentally walks in on Mirajane in the guild infirmary after looking for his lost scarf.

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